According to the Articles of Association and Bylaws of ESLAS, the very heart of the Association is the ESLAS Executive Committee, comprising the Officers of ESLAS. It consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary-General, the Honorary Treasurer and Membership Secretary and the Scientific Secretary.

The ESLAS Executive Committee is collectively responsible for the day-to-day running of the Society and ensuring that the Annual meeting takes place in an appropriate fashion. The President and at least two other Officers of the Executive Committee must be Plastic Surgeons, and all Officers must be European Nationals.

Officers of ESLAS 

President:Dana Jianu (Romania)

Vice-President: Chris Ladas (Greece/South Africa)

Secretary-General: R. Glen Calderhead (Japan/UK)

Honorary Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Spiros Vlachos (Greece)

Scientific Secretary: Claudia Van der Lugt (Holland)

Honorary President: Mario A. Trelles (Spain)

Honorary President: Paraskevas Kontoes (Greece)





Dana Jianu (Romania)


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Chris Ladas, MD PhD (Greece/South Africa)

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R. Glen Calderhead, MSc PhD(MedSci) FRSM (Japan/UK)

R_Glen_CalderheadDr Calderhead took over the post of ESLAS Secretary-General from his predecessor, Dr John Carruth, at the 2007 ESLAS AGM, and has been an ESLAS Member since the first meeting in 1997, now bringing a wealth of experience to the ESLAS Board.

Dr Calderhead has been involved in medical laser and phototherapy research since 1977, starting with laser surgery, moving laterally into low level laser therapy in the early 1980's, and more recently working with planar light emitting diode (LED) arrays. He has been Secretary-General of a number of international societies, and is currently Secretary-General of the International Society for Simulation Surgery (ISSiS) and the World Anti-ageing Medical Association (WAMA).

He was co-author of the pioneering books on laser therapy in the late 80's and early 90's, and has collaborated in many more on laser applications in plastic and reconstructive surgery and dermatology. He is a prolific invited speaker at meetings worldwide, and his vast knowledge of light-tissue interactions will be invaluable to aesthetic surgeons within and without ESLAS.


Honorary Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Spiros Vlachos, MD PhD (Greece)


Dr Vlachos is a board certified Plastic Surgeon in Athens , Greece . He has been active in the field of medical and surgical asers from his early days as a medical student, presenting papers in many national and international congresses and authoring many articles in peer-reviewed journals.

He took over the post of ESLAS Treasurer in May 2010, eager to bring his enthusiasm and strong work ethic to the ESLAS Board in order to "rejuvenate" ESLAS to its early days' status.

The post of ESLAS Membership Secretary and Honorary Treasurer was combined at the 2002 General Assembly in an effort to give better service to the ESLAS membership, and this has certainly worked for the better. The combination of the two posts, which was first successfully shouldered by the current President, Dr Kontoes, from 2002 until 2010, will place a heavy load on Dr Vlachos' shoulders.


Scientific Secretary

Claudia van der Lugt (Holland)

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Honorary President

Mario A. Trelles MD PhD

TrellesElected to the post of Honorary President for his tremendous support as ESLAS President since the Society's inception, Dr Trelles is currently the Medical Director of the Instituto M├ędico Vilafortuny near the picturesque fishing port of Cambrils on the 'Golden Coast' of the Catalonian region of Spain. The Instituto is a multispeciality clinic with a large array of lasers and light sources, and is a Laser Reference Centre in the EC, participating in the EC Project, "Training Centre for Applications in Medicine" (EUREKA EU642 Stilmed, Safety in Medicine).

Connected with the Instituto is the Antoni de Gimbernat Foundation, of which Dr Trelles is the President of the Board of Trustees.

The author of over 250 articles published in the peer-reviewed literature, Dr Trelles has also written and collaborated in a number of leading text books on laser aesthetic surgery, and is an active member of the Editorial Boards of leading journals in the field.

Dr Trelles is a member of several mainline national and international societies devoted to laser surgery and medicine. He was the Inaugural President of the World Association for Laser Therapy, and is currently President of the European Laser Association (ELA).


Honorary President


Paraskevas Kontoes, MD PhD (Greece)


Kontoes130x163Dr Kontoes runs an extremely busy group of plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics in Athens, Greece, in addition to his position in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at one of the leading hospitals in Athens. He is one of the recognised leaders in the field of surgical lasers in Greece and worldwide, and has often presented at national and international congresses, in addition to authoring a large number of papers in the peer-reviewed literature. He is particularly noted for reconstructive surgery of severely damaged hands.


Previously in the post of ESLAS Membership Secretary and Honorary Treasurer he was involved at the 2002 General Assembly in an effort to give better service to the ESLAS membership, and this has certainly worked for the better, although the combination of the two posts placed a heavy load on Dr Kontoes' shoulders.


In addition to his ESLAS post, Dr Kontoes is an active member of a number of international laser societies. He was the founding president of the International Association for Laser and Sports Medicine (IALSM), and is the current President of the World Medical Anti-ageing Association (WAMA). Dr Kontoes was president of the very successful ESLAS 10th Annual Meeting in Athens, Greece.