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The 14th ESLAS Congress took place in Mykonos Greece on the 5th and 6th of June 2011.  In the premises of Saint John Hotel which hosted the event, the participants were presented with interesting scientific program with new techniques and highlights regarding Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery.

Scientists who followed the proceedings came from 19 Countries. Besides the colleagues practicing in Europe, we were also able to follow lectures from colleagues from South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Peru, India, the Philippines, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand! Having a truly international group of faculty and participants, the presentations encapsulated all that is current and upcoming in the world of lasers all over the globe. The discussions were extremely interesting and the cases examined covered a wide range of applications of different types of technology on various types of skin while dealing with numerous combinations of weather conditions.

The venue was magical, the island hospitable and the events that completed the comprehensive scientific programme allowed all participants to combine a really exceptional and informative event with relaxation and getting familiar with a place rich in culture and history.

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The 12th ESLAS meeting made history by being held for the first time in a non-EEC country, namely Turkey, from May 2nd to May 4th 2009. Istanbul was the city, straddling Europe and Asia, and the centre of the former Ottoman Empire as Constantinople. The meeting was presided over by Professor Erçin Özüntürk and Professor Yasemin Yazan under the auspices of the host organisation, the Turkish Society of Cosmetic Scientists. The meeting banner was 'Laser Europe 2009', and was held jointly as the 12th ESLAS and the 8th International Cosmetics Symposium (ICoS) congress. The meeting venue was the 5-star Marmara Hotel, with stunning views over the Golden Horn and the bustling Bosphorus waterway. A total of over 60 attendees to the joint meeting enjoyed 35 presentations and 7 workshops, providing an excellent scientific programme which was balanced by the social events, all really well-organised by the company N & N Tourism.
The 11th ESLAS meeting moved to another historical and cultural icon, the beautiful city of Florence in Italy, in May of 2008. The very able presidency was held by Professor Ilaria Ghersetich, who also presided over the scientific selection committee, and when this was combined with the organisational skills of our friends at Euromedicom, the end result was a great congress attended by more than 250 participants. An excellent scientific programme was complemented by superb social events in the history-filled city of Firenze, and all participants were extremely satisfied with the outcome.
The 10th Anniversary ESLAS meeting was held in Athens, Greece, only fitting as the first meeting was held there under the Presidency of Dr Paraskevas "Vakis" Kontoes, who was also the very able president of the 10th anniversary meeting. The official opening was addressed by the Greek Minister of Health, and the offical handing over of the WAMA Presidency from Dr Junichiro Kubota to Dr Kontoes was performed, followed by a concert of Ancient Greek music and song, performed on original instruments. This first-class meeting was attended by over 350 attendees, and was held in conjunction with the International Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (IAAPS) and the World Anti-ageing Medical Association (WAMA). Attendees heard 4 special guest lectures, 50 session presentations and 15 free communications. There were concurrent morning and afternoon workshops, and then the congress concluded with televised live demonstrations on the main auditorium stage. The first class scientific programme was complemented by a superb social programme, as was befitting the cradle of civilization.
The 9th ESLAS meeting was held the historic city of Graz, Austria, from June 22nd-June 24th 2006, under the presidency of Professor Stephan Spendel. An excellent scientific content was balanced by superb social events, as would be expected of a meeting held in these lavish and culture-filled surroundings. All who attended throroughly enjoyed themselves and left with both scientific and social enrichment.
The 8th ESLAS meeting was held in Brno, the Czech Republic, from May 19th to May 21st, 2005, under the presidency of Professor Pavel Brychta. The Plenary Session and five sympoisia consisted of 38 presentations, of an excellently high standard. The final day saw a series of live hands-on demonstrations at the Riva Clinic. The social programme was the equal of the scientific part of the meeting, and a great time was had by all. Click HERE for the PDF version of the programme.
The 7th ESLAS meeting retrurned again to Paris from June 25th to the 27th, and, following the success of 2 years ago, was once more held together with the annual AREDEP meeting in the Michel Dechaume amphitheatre of the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, under the able Presidency of Dr Isabelle Catoni. A total of some 120 attendees heard 8 Symposia in 2 days, and live surgery broadcast from the operating theatres on day 3. The social programme was first class, with an excellent, vibrant live dinner show.

The 6th ESLAS meeting was held from December 12 to the 14th, 2003, in the Auditorium of the University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy, under the Presidency of Professor Luigi Rusciani, and was a very successful though under-attended meeting with extremely serious presentations of a very high standard. The social programme was very appropriate for the cradle of civilization, taking place in majestic environments of living history.

Click Here for the Full 2003 Programme of the Meeting

The 5th ESLAS meeting was held in conjunction with the 7th AREDEP meeting in Paris, France, in the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital under the able Chair of Dr Isabelle Catoni, May 24th-26th 2002. This was a wonderful event, salvaging the ESLAS meeting from the problems caused by the September 11 2001 terrorist attack. Ten round table session were shared between the two groups, and it was very interesting to see the dermatologists learning from the plastic aesthetic surgeons, and vice versa. Parallel sessions allowed free papers also to be delivered. The final day saw a very ambitious programme of live surgery, telecast live to the hospital auditorium from three operating theatres. With the social programme on board a péniche moored at the banks of the Seine the entire experience was wonderfully rounded off.
The 4th ESLAS meeting moved to the ancient French port of Marseilles, under the presidency of Dr Benjamin Ascher, and was held from May 3 to may 5th 2001. more than 250 attendees enjoyed a wide range of topics from a very strong Faculty, consisting of 33 from Europe and 4 non-Europeans. The three days saw 8 round table sessions, and 30 free papers. A very extensive technical exhibition had the latest equipment on display. The congress was enhanced on the 2nd day by a presentation to Dr Mario Trelles from the Mayor of Marseilles. The food was of course delicious, and the social programme most elegant and very good fun.

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